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Oracle 10g/11g (SQL / PL SQL)

Introduction to Oracle What is Difference Between Oracle and Sql Server What is Difference Between System Software and Application Software Software Ware Hierarchy Diagram

What is DBMS and Types of DBMS

HDBMS (Hierarchy) NDBMS (Network) RDBMS (Relational)

Versions of Oracle

What Is SQL and Advantage of SQL What Is Table and Rules for naming the Table What is Data type and types of Data types

Types of Sub Languages in SQL

DDL (Data Def Language) DML (Data Manipulation Language) TCL (Transaction Control Language) DCL (Data Control Language) DRL (Data Retrieval Language) What is Recycle bin And Advantage of Recycle bin What is Flashback And Advantage of Flashback

Operators In Oracle

Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Difference between Delete and Truncate Converting Table as Read-only Table Converting Read-only table as Read-write table Virtual Columns

Types of Clauses

Order By Having Group By

What are Functions and Types of Functions

Single Row Functions Multi Row Functions & Group Functions

What are Constraints and Types of Constraints

Primary key Foreign key Unique key Not Null Check

What are Joins and Types of Joins

Simple Join (Equi, Non-Equi) Outer Join (Left, Right and Full) Self Join Cross Join

What are Sub Queries and Types of Sub Queries

Database Objects

Views Synonyms Sequences Indexes



Introduction to PL/SQL Benefits of PL/SQL PL/SQL Environment PL/SQL Architecture

Data Types and Variables in PL/SQL

Scalar Data Types(%Type) Composite Data Types(%Row Type) Difference between PL/SQL variables and Non- PL/SQL Variables

Conditional Structure

Conditional control statements Interactions in PL/SQL Simple Loop or Basic Loop While Loop For Loop Cursors

Writing Implicit and Explicit Cursors

Implicit Cursor Attributes Explicit Cursor Attributes Cursor in Loops Advanced Explicit Cursors

Exceptions in PL/SQL Anonymous Block

Predefined Exceptions Non-Predefined Exceptions User-Defined Exceptions Handled Exception in an Anonymous Block Unh andled Exception in an Anonymous Block


Stored Procedures What is stored procedure How to create stored procedure & Execute Procedure How to Call one Procedure to another Procedure


What is function How to create function & Execute function How to call from one function to another function Difference between function and stored procedure


Package Specification Package Body Exploring various Data Dictionary Views


Application Trigger Database Trigger Statement level Trigger Row Level Trigger
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